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Sorrentino Via Italia '61, now also online e-commerce, was founded in 1993 with the opening of the boutique dedicated to bags, footwear and accessories for women, men and children. A store located in the heart of Capaccio, in Via Italia 61, always aimed at the needs of the whole family, with proposals for every type of event and need.


We aim to offer our customers a high quality product, able to mix elegance and comfort. A goal that we also pursue thanks to the relationships that we define with all of you over time. A relationship that allows us to more easily identify the products you love and want, those that best represent your person and your way of communicating and being in the world.


Because today shoes and accessories, bags and belts play a leading role in the definition of an individual's look and consequently allow him to express himself, to communicate styles and particularity of his being.


Every day as well as in the most important moments, during events or ceremonies, at home or at work. All this without ever losing sight of the essence of our work: to provide you first of all with a high quality product.


A level of excellence guaranteed by the selection of the best domestic and foreign brands such as Alviero Martini, Armani, Nero Gardens, Cristiano Gualtieri, Harmont & Blaine, Wrangler, Blugirl, Trussardi, Clarks, Frau, Converse, Igi&Co, Liu Jo, Lumberjack, American Tourister.


Style and elegance are always pursued through the search for as much comfort as possible. The products we offer you are first and foremost comfortable, comfortable, pleasant to wear and carry around.